Urgent: Join Volunteers in Patrol!

Highland Meadows is looking for 20 willing neighbors to join Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) by the end of August!

Are you concerned about crime in our neighborhood and in our city? Let’s put an end to it! Currently our city has a shortage of police officers, and we can help by joining our neighborhood’s Volunteers in Patrol (VIP). Police crime statistics show a positive correlation between the number of active patrols and reduced crime.

VIP is a community crime watch program composed of neighbors who patrol an area on the lookout for suspicious activity and possible crime situations. Volunteers are trained by the Dallas Police Department, patrol in pairs in their own marked vehicles, and call 911 if action is warranted. Volunteers can choose their own routes as long as they stay within the boundaries of our resident homes and businesses (no apartment properties). If there are “hotspots” for crime, patrols may choose to focus there.

While we all have very busy schedules, we only ask two hours each month. If volunteers prefer, they can patrol more time with a willing partner. Can you give just two hours a month?

Reasons to Join the VIP:

  1. Your participation will not cost our neighborhood anything!
  2. Our city has a serious police shortage currently and could use more eyes and ears.
  3. You’ll get four hours of training by the Dallas Police Department and learn more about the Department.
  4. You can help prevent crime in our area simply by being a trained presence.
  5. You can alert our neighborhood about suspicious persons and vehicles.
  6. You will get to know your neighbors while patrolling with a partner.
  7. You will help keep our neighbors’ property safe by alerting them by phone about issues which might lead to a crime; i.e., an open gate, an open garage door with no one present, items left outdoors that could be stolen, etc.
  8. You will help keep crime occurrences down which means keeping our property values high.
  9. You’ll get to know our neighborhood well—even the alleys!
  10. You’ll discover interesting homes, yards, and businesses you never knew existed before.
  11. You’ll be doing your part to keep our friends, neighbors, and families safe!

Interested in helping out? Complete this confidential form for our neighborhood association to let us know:

Note: If you do not have a home or cell phone number, include none or n/a in the box.

Interested persons should submit their application forms right away for approval. You can email, mail by USPS, or deliver in person your completed application, signed waivers, a photo copy of your Driver’s License or State ID, and Social Security Card to Officer Kevin Kelley at NE Division.

Download the Volunteer Application, VIP Waiver, and Confidentiality Agreement under “Forms” on this page.

For more information contact Officer Kelley at 214-701- 5580 or kevin.kelley@dpd.ci.dallas,tx.us. (Upcoming training date to be

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