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Pet Caretaker Tips
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Pet Caretaker Tips

-Please keep tags on your pet at all times.

-Microchipping your pet is a great way of ensuring your they make it home if lost. Vets will scan a lost pet at no charge in order to help get it back to its family.

-Remember: During celebratory seasons, such as 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, the tooting of horns, illegal fire crackers, or gun fire, may scare our furry friends causing them to dash outside of the house or fenced enclosures.

-As warm weather arrives, be sure to keep water available at all times for your pet.

-Walk your dog daily and keep them on a leash. It’s good exercise for both human and canine and is a great bonding experience.

-Pick up after your pup!

Pet Directory

We encourage you to register your pets with the HMNA! Fill out this form to share details on each of your pets (name, breed, color, weight, temperament, etc.) and up to five photos of each. Is your pet a therapy dog or a total couch potato? Feel free to share cute stories or special talents too!

Pet entries submitted here will be added to our Highland Meadows Pet Directory.

Lost & Found Pets

Contact Petwatch right away when your family pet goes missing. Our Hotline is available 24/7 for incoming messages, and is monitored regularly by volunteers, along with the email address. Lost and found notices will be posted on the front page of the website, and can also be shared to the mailing list and on the Facebook page. We will try to help in whatever ways we can!

If you spot a loose animal, please make us aware by providing a good description and exact location. This might be a pet that someone is looking for, and although it might remain loose and transient, we will have the information to share as needed.

Safety First! Sometimes residents contain a loose animal and remove it from the streets into a safe place if they feel comfortable doing so. However, remember that an unknown animal can be a potential risk. Always keep yourself and others safe! Our neighborhood organization is not responsible for injuries related to loose or foster animals.

Pet of the Month

Petwatch will highlight a special pet from our Pet Directory each month by getting information from comments and checking out pet photos. This special pet will receive a $10 cash award and will be highlighted on our website during the month.


Funds are budgeted for Petwatch by our HMNA board each year; however, we can do so much more for our furry friends if our residents contribute designated donations for Petwatch. We can take care of the special needs of foster animals and help our neighborhood pets only if we have supplemental donations.

Make your check payable to Highland Meadows Neighborhood Association and indicate: Petwatch Donation. Mail it to our association address: PO Box 38437, Dallas TX 75238. Donations can also be made online using PayPal here. We appreciate any support!


Petwatch offers a vast array of volunteer opportunities for our pet-loving neighbors. What we are able to accomplish depends upon our residents’ willingness to volunteer and participate along with our organizational leadership. For instance, dogs require a secure yard while their families are being located, and we can only foster found animals if we have volunteer foster homes available. Sometimes animals need to be transported to shelters; now and then an animal needs to be taken to a veterinarian or boarded. We need and encourage your participation. Contact Petwatch to be added to our list of volunteers!

History & Mission

In most neighborhoods, when a beloved family pet becomes lost, there is nowhere to turn except to the city pound. Not so, here in Highland Meadows! Our Petwatch program helps get the word out when a pet escapes the confines of home.

Petwatch was established with a mission to reunite lost neighborhood pets with their families. Ours is not a “rescue” organization but rather, a “reuniting” organization. Nevertheless, we try to help keep our streets free of loose animals. We provide care and a place of safety in whatever ways we can when there is a need.

Our program, established in 1999, led the way and served as an organizational example for other groups which followed throughout our city. Although we have some elected leadership and dedicated volunteers, it is the folks who live in Highland Meadows who make the program successful. Petwatch’s success depends upon the participation of our residents.

Our Petwatch was given Special Recognition by the Dallas City Council in past years. We also partnered with the SPCA of Texas on a project to develop a detailed booklet with guidelines for establishing a neighborhood organization such as ours. During the initial ten years of our program, detailed records were kept, and these reflect that our program averaged saving over 100 pets annually. An untold number of family pets have been reunited with their families, and numerous cats and dogs have been placed in loving, new adoptive homes because of our Petwatch.


SPCA of Texas
Dallas Animal Services
DFW Humane Society
White Rock Lake Dog Park
DFW Wildlife Coalition