Super Seniors Group forming! Are you a resident age 65 and older? Seniors have always played an important role in the building and growth of our Highland Meadows neighborhood…and they continue to do so!

Please indicate your interest in forming a Seniors Group. Important: Completing the form would indicate your commitment to participating.

This group would plot its own course. We’ll start out with an ’empty slate’ and make the group into whatever we like!

Activities may include:

  • getting together periodically as desired for a meal (sometimes together,
    sometimes just men; sometimes just women),
  • taking short field trips to nearby locations (community garden, Arboretum, other destinations preferred by the group),
  • giving other neighborhood seniors a ‘lift up’ if/when needed,
  • strolls around the neighborhood,
  • game night,
  • discussing how to make our neighborhood even better, and
  • whatever else the group would like to do!

Interested? Complete the form below. (Couples, please sign up individually.)