Yards of the Month: 2017

Coming soon! Will be announced on the blog.

Yards of the Month: Summer 2016

About Yard of the Month

Our neighborhood has implemented a Yard of the Month program since 1999, and many beautiful, diverse yards have been chosen. While some homeowners prefer a cottage-type garden of free-flowering and unrestrained plants, others might favor a more structured plan. Some prefer a heat tolerant, Xeriscape design, especially in these times of water shortages and restrictions. Our committee considers the merits of every yard in the neighborhood and chooses a variety of types as winners.

The purpose of our Yard of the Month program is to:
– recognize and show appreciation to residents who make a special effort to keep our neighborhood beautiful.
– motivate residents to keep their properties attractive and well maintained, which of course, translates directly to our home values.
– further an interest in gardening and landscaping among our residents.
– cultivate and encourage a greater sense of community among residents.
– educate residents about water conservation and xeriscaping.

Brumley Gardens sponsors our program and awards a $50 gift certificate to our monthly award-winners. A sign, especially designed by Brumley Gardens, is placed in the winning yard for one month. Thank you, Brumley Gardens!

Our Association presents the winner a photo page of their yard and appreciation certificate. A photo and write-up about the yard and the gardener are placed on this page of our website.

Nominate a Yard

Nominations from residents are always welcomed. To nominate your favorite yard, go to the click on “Contact Us” in the sidebar and choose “Yard of the Month.” Send us the address, and please mention the reason why you like the yard.