We enthusiastically welcome new residents to the neighborhood!  Each new neighbor receives a warm visit from a neighbor who bears a welcoming booklet of information and gift coupons from some of our area businesses. The booklet introduces our neighborhood and explains several topics of importance.
If you are a new resident and have not received a visit, please contact us by leaving a message on our voice mail (214-967-5081), or send an email to Newcomers (Contact Us). Be sure to provide your street address and contact information.
We make every effort to connect with residents. A weekly email bulletin is sent directly to your home computer, which details our Dallas Police Department crime report for our neighborhood.  An additional bulletin provides up-to-date information concerning the latest neighborhood news. You will receive these when you sign up online on our Neighborhood Directory page. 
We try to develop and maintain a “sense of community” which includes and involves everyone. Neighborhood meetings, events, and projects are good ways to get to know your neighbors.  We have an all-neighborhood meeting late in the year, as well as a National Night Out gathering in early October.  Additional events such as our Annual Butterfly Day, tree plantings, and crime watch meetings, are scheduled throughout the year. Be sure to read our printed newsletters and flyers to stay connected. The key to supporting your new neighborhood is to be informed and become involved! 
We’d like to get to know your pets, as well. Our furry friends are very special to us here in Highland Meadows!  If you have pets, register them on this website (on the Petwatch page).
We stand ready to assist newcomers in any way possible and invite you to participate with us in all aspects of our great neighborhood!

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